Tuesday 30 January 2018

A Cup of Tea with…. Becky Jane!

Our reporter and PA announcer Aaron Paul spoke to Royals right-back Rebecca Jane on the season so far!

Our reporter and PA announcer Aaron Paul spoke to Royals right-back Rebecca Jane on the season so far!

AP-How pleased are you with an excellent first half of the season?

RJ – It’s crazy! We sometimes have to pinch ourselves when we look at how far we have come. It’s amazing to think that a couple of years ago we were playing WSL2 football and now we are getting annoyed that we aren’t beating the likes of Arsenal and Man City, we’ve progressed massively!

AP – What has changed this season?

RJ - I think the additions to the squad have been great, the likes of Jo, Jade and Fara bring a level of quality to the pitch both tactically and technically, they bring experience and definitely raise the game for all of us which is great!

AP - As a long time Royal – (6 years!), how does it feel to have seen the club progress in the manner that it has?

RJ - The first year I came in, we were in the Southern Premier League and nearly got relegated, and so personally I didn’t know if I was going to be playing my football here the next season! I am so glad I stayed, everything has turned around since then, we’ve risen up the pyramid, brought great players in, it’s been a rollercoaster with plenty of highs!

AP…and what about your own personal journey?... what has that been like?

RJ - I think changing from a number 9 to a full back revitalised my career! Jayne Ludlow moved me from forward to right back one game, and I kind of haven’t gone back since! I think if I had stayed as a number 9, I wouldn’t be playing where I am today.

I had to learn more about the game, and learn how to read the game properly.

AP - What sort of an influence have the international players in the squad been to you?

RJ - They’ve been important and are always helping me develop and learn further, Jo Potter has been fantastic for me as a defender and is always looking to help me improve my game. She is an intelligent footballer and is always looking to improve.

AP - How has the signing of Natasha Harding been received in camp?

RJ - Natasha is a great addition and will bring something different to our team, she’s quick, and very athletic, it shows massive ambition from the club. She’s performed so well for club and country and for us to be attracting the likes of her, it shows where the club is going!

AP - What is your personal ambition for the rest of the season ahead?

RJ - I am focusing on getting fit again, I’ve had a couple of injuries that have really stalled my progress. The team is so competitive now, we have 4 full backs now, so the competition for places is there!

AP - You’ve delved into coaching in the Regional Talent Club and have become quite a hit with the academy players, tell us more!

RJ - I’ve really enjoyed coaching, the girls coming through the academy really look up to the first team, I just love going and working with them! It’s a bit of a release, it’s a different environment! I enjoy working with the academy, not sure if I’ll be going into management though!... who knows!

AP - Recently we’ve seen your mum became a social media star after responding to a column in a national newspaper! How did you feel seeing her sticking up for the women’s game?

RJ - My mum wasn’t really interested in football when I was younger, but she’s at every game now! It’s really nice having such a devoted family, she gets wound up with unfair jibes and sexist comments- and rightly so!


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